Cruiserbot Accesories

The Cruiserbot vehicle is much more than an inspection vehicle. Its FastGrip anchoring system gives the robot a way to increment its functionality by using different accesories.


Mainly oriented to the air duct cleanning market.

The robot Cruiserbot has been certified by Isover (Saint Gobain), the largest manufacturer of air conditioning ducts in the world, as an optimal tool for inspection and cleaning of air conditioning ducts, after some extensive testing of efficiency in their facilities.

The accesory cleans the surfaces of ducts, both circular and rectangular.

Control of the turning side and elevation of the brush from console.

Available with frontal and transversal brushes of diferent sizes.

A perfect solution for cleanning areas of difficult access and ducts since 150mm height.


Mainly oriented to the disinfection and pest control market.

It is a powerful ozone generator, well known natural disinfection system, capable to destroy virus, bacteria and fungus between others.

The robot could be driven to a specific area and perform the disinfection activities there.


This accesoriy gives a panoramic view of 110º from a rear position, so we could see at the screen the robot and al the works performed with it. Also it has an aditional lighting system, so we increase the clarity of the images, that could be recorded by the console.

From the console it is posible also to decide wich camera to use: front, rear or panoramic.


As manufacturers, our engineering department could develop new accesories focused on solving your needs. Tell us your point of view and we will analize it and prepare you a proposal without any compromise for you.