Quark Robotics is proud to introduce the Cruiserbot line of products. A modular robotic system of reduced size and available in three different configuarations depending on the kind of job to perform.

It is based on a console with monitor and a robot vehicle for inspection tasks in areas of difficult access, record pictures and videos and give them to the customer as part of the job report.

It is possible to add optional accesories to the vehicle, in order to perform different tasks as per the needs of the customer, like brush cleanning, ozone disinfection, etc. (see accesories section)

Its quality, robustness and ease to use, make this robot a valuable tool for a professional job.

Quark Robotics is focused on an excelent service for the customers. We do not only cover our product with a two years warranty, but also out technical service will be available to give you a personalized service.


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  • Highly resistant chrome steel body. Industrial quality.

  • Reduced size (145mm wide).

  • Precision y ease of use even in very reduced ducts, both forward and backwards, due to its "reverse driving mode" system.

  • high resolution color cameras in front and in back (both in color) and powerful lighting.

  • Recording of pictures and video in SD memory. (PC not required).

  • Powerful enough to go up/down ramps of up to 40 degrees (84% slope).

  • Tip-proof: The robot's detect when the robot tips over, turn the image around, and adapt the control system so the user can continue to handle the robot normally.

  • Upgradable with cleaning and disinfecting modules.

  • Two years warranty and tailor made technical support.

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