Speaks about your products and services

Sam is the perfect robot to give any kind of information to potential customers. Sam could inform about your products and services at fairs or at your customer service offices. Could inform about the agenda at congresses or about the rooms or last collections at museums. Could just even play interactive games with the visitors.

Sam is a humanoid robot of 1,5 meters tall, able to talk and show information at the interactive screen located on his chest. Therefore, he could inform people about the questions they want to, both speaking and through his screen.

The robot moves around, moves his head and arms and could shake hands with the people. He has an artificial vision system that allows Sam to recognize color objects. he has expression on his mouth, so could show the emotional status. Could be programmed to do any actions the customer desire.

 Detail of Sam.

Sam could work on his own, taking decisions in it's own program, or remotely controlled via a sophisticated communication system.

It is possible to locate vinyl advertisements in several places of the body of Sam, as he have wide areas for this purpose.

Sam with one of the managers of Correos company.

Sam, was first presented at Campus-Party 2007, performing a successful ad campaign between the 8.000 participants during a week.

One of the interesting aspects of Sam is that he could be used either with the full body or just with the head, as it could work independently of the rest of the body. Very useful in small fair booths, were a full robot takes to much space, but we want to ensure people come to get information.

The independent head of Sam

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information, or to request for a study on how Sam could benefit your company.